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Layered Unit Title Subdivisions

Thursday July 13, 2017

Vicki Toan is a partner at Glaister Ennor. She specialises in resource management and unit titles law. She offers pragmatic and practical advice to assist her clients to achieve their goals. Vicki advises landowners and developers on all aspects of land development under the Resource Management Act and related legislation.
Trust Law: Issues Involving the Ageing Trustee

Tuesday February 14, 2017

Vicki Ammundsen from Vicki Ammundsen Trust Law Limited joined Tori Smith of Legalwise Seminars to discuss issues involving the ageing trustee. You can find the transcript of the Q&A below.
Current Issues in Family Law

Thursday October 13, 2016

Debbie Dunbar, Partner and Maretta Twentyman, Senior Solicitor at Morrison Kent joined Khyathi Khirbath of Legalwise Seminars to discuss the challenges and trends in the family law practice with a focus on spousal claims. Debbie has specialised in family law throughout her career, having developed extensive knowledge in the area with a focus on separation and relationship property matters. Maretta Twentyman has been doing comprehensive work in family law and specialises in relationship property, contested estates, child care and guardianship matters.
Claudia Elliot talks about Trends and Developments in Family Law

Monday September 12, 2016

Claudia Elliott has been in the practice for 30 years now, including Youth Court and employment areas of law in both Rotorua in partnership and sole practice in Auckland for the last 11 years. She is a part of the United Nations Development Programme, which is responsible for setting up Family Violence Courts in Afghanistan. She has also been a decision maker on the Film and Literature Board, the Mental Health Review Tribunal, and the Retirement Villages Disputes Panel, reading evidence and submissions and making and writing decisions.
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The Role of Digital citizenship & Cybersecurity for Schools

Tuesday August 23, 2016

Karen is the Director of Education for NetSafe, an independent not-for-profit New Zealand specialising in digital citizenship and cybersafety. With over twenty years in the education sector in New Zealand and the UK, she is internationally recognised for her work in future-focused, inclusive learning through digital technologies, blended/online professional development and online community development.


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