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SA Quarterly Personal Injury Update: July 2020

Robert Katsambis, Barrister at Kent Town Chambers, provides an important update in the changing world of personal injury litigation, particularly in workers compensation... Read More →

Australia’s First Industrial Manslaughter Case Decided in Brisbane

Annie Smeaton, Partner, together with Jack Bristed, Graduate at Cooper Grace Ward, provide an overview of Australia’s first Industrial Manslaughter case that was.. Read More →

Ms Dhu’s Death in Custody Leads to Law Reform

Sonia Hickey, journalist, and Ugur Nedim, Principal Lawyer at Sydney Criminal Lawyers, share how the death of a young woman, who was in.. Read More →

Can the Police Help Parents Get Their Child Back From an Ex?

Craig Turvey, Senior Associate at Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers, answers the commonly asked question of whether the police can help parents get their.. Read More →

Beware the Uninsured Insured in Project Insurances

Raymond Giblett, Partner and Timothy Chan, Associate at Norton Rose Fulbright Australia, share their insights on allocating risk during uncertain times, with reference.. Read More →

Trust in Trusts to Solve SOP Issues is Vanishing

Michael Chesterman, Consultant at Helix Legal, shares how the trust in trusts to solve Security of Payment issues is vanishing in Western Australia.. Read More →

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  • Sydney Jacobs, Barrister, 13 Wentworth Chambers
  • Vikram Misra, Barrister, Clarence Chambers
  • Paul Sills, Barrister and Mediator

Consensus Building Part 1: Introduction to a Different Way of Facilitating Outcomes

Barrister and mediator Paul Sills begins his new series on consensus building. In part 1, he shares how consensus building is a different.. Read More →

Property Series Part 5: Easements for recreation, Justinian’s Digests and Field Marshall Lord Kitchener of Khartoum

Barrister and mediator Sydney Jacobs continues his series by exploring easements for recreation, Justinian’s Digests and Field Marshall Lord Kitchener of Khartoum. For more.. Read More →

Arbitration and Mediation Series Part 6: Case Note: Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited v Hannigan [2020] NSWSA 82

Sydney Jacobs, Barrister at 13 Wentworth Chambers and Vikram Misra, Barrister at Clarence Chambers continue their series into arbitration and mediation. In Part.. Read More →

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